Aug 24, 2018

Industry 4.0 is changing Italy

The digitization of the Italian manufacturing industry offers interesting opportunities for technology providers as markets grow at an annual rate of 30 percent.

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Posted by: Marjaana Karjalainen

Italy is the second largest manufacturing country in Europe and the third largest economy in the euro area. In 2016 the country introduced its first Industry 4.0 strategy, which includes extensive tax benefits and other support measures for companies that invest in Industry 4.0 solutions. According to a recent study by the Milan University of Technology, the value of investments in digitization of the manufacturing industry was about EUR 2,4 billion in 2017.

Opportunities can be spotted especially for suppliers that offer IoT solutions for connecting different systems and devices, data analytics solutions for real-time optimization and decision making as well as cloud manufacturing solutions.

You can read more in English here: and in Finnish here:

Finnish Embassy in Rome and Dreamex Consulting have drafted a summary of the market opportunities. You can get your copy of the study from birgitte.kankaro (at) or sanomat.roo (at)

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