Mar 13, 2019

Digital transformation – Italian large companies are in TOP 15

Italian companies continue to invest in digital transformation: Most of the medium-large companies are planning to target resources on artificial intelligence (52 %) and the Internet of Things (37 %) over the next three years, and 71 % are aiming to strengthen cybersecurity.

Category: General
Posted by: Marjaana Karjalainen

According to the Digital Transformation Index research by Dell Technologies, Italian companies rank 12th worldwide in the digital maturity, before the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands and after the podium of emerging nations: India, Brazil and Thailand. Surprisingly, in the bottom of the ranking are Japan, Denmark, South Korea and Singapore.

The elements taken into consideration are the IT strategies, the initiatives to transform and digitize the workforce and the efforts made by each company to transform itself, in light of the current digital age.

Sources: Dell Technologies, CorCom


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