Jul 11, 2019

Practical Tips for Italy

The Team Finland network of Italy has collected practical advice on the business environment and market entry. 

Category: General
Posted by: Marjaana Karjalainen


Small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of the Italian market. Hence, smallness is not an obstacle to trade with large players if the product or service is of high quality, its added value is clearly tangible and pricing is appropriate. On the other hand, the sales cycle may be surprisingly long, and a lot of work must be done on the first deals.

In Italy, business is based on a personal relationship and knowledge of the operating environment. In many areas, the Italian market is regionally fragmented. You need a reliable and knowledgeable local representative. It is worthwhile to invest in the search for a good partner, and the necessary trust is created primarily through personal meetings.

The Italian Team Finland Network has compiled basic information and observations on the Italian business environment in this article.



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