Verify markets

Need direct feedback for your product or service from your potential clients and partner? Want to have your business model and earning logics tested outside your home country.

Fine tuning business

Want to optimize your business plan and key messages to create a winning story?

Partner networks

Looking for right partners, want to develop a way of working with them and get the co-operation started?

Get established

Want to have the right location and people and everything else you need to start your operations?

Lead generation

Need to develop your sales pipeline and get support in finding new client contacts and turning leads to deals?


Planning a benchmarking or study tour for your company or professional groups to learn and get inspired of new ideas?

Business culture

Looking for training and key notes on internationalization or on Italian and Finnish business cultures to understand what makes your business partners tick?

Brush-up materials

Do your marketing materials need fine tuning?

Our Philosophy

Your success - our passion

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can help your business?