May 12, 2022

Meet Emilio - Our new Market Analyst

Emilio is a multi-cultural globetrotter, ready to help software and technology companies in their market entry to Italy.

Category: General
Posted by: Marjaana Karjalainen

Emilio started a month ago as our new Market Analyst in Dreamex. He is a real globetrotter who has flown all over the world for the last 25 years. He has a good understanding of multicultural environments and customer behaviour. He is a quick problem solver and a good organizer.

Emilio also lives in a multicultural family as his wife is a Finn. During his free time (if his two small children let him have any) he likes to wildlife and hiking as well as metal and leather working.

Emilio is based in Calabria, so he is an excellent add-on to the Dreamex team enabling us to reach to Central and Southern Italy as well. 

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